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Oishii YABU!


The japanese word “OISHII” (yummy/tasty in english) says it all!:)) This Japanese inspired restaurant located at the Mega Atrium in Ortigas is definitely worth the visit, its interiors reflect that calm ambiance that Japanese interiors usually capitalize on, with its sleek minimalist interiors, it was surprising enough that every nook and corner was well utilized of! Pardon the multiple exclamation points (believe me there is more to come!) I can’t help it:) I had the most wonderful experience, let’s just say it was a gastronomic feast!


The service was impeccable, their manager was nice enough to check up on us if everything was ok, and mind you they had warm towels rolled perfectly it was as if I was on a plane ride off to the states:) Hot towels anyone?! :))


Now for the food! I opted to have the rosu curry katsudon with a hot curry sauce, while chab.by my foodie buddy ended up with a rosu katsudon. When we first saw our food being delivered to us in an enormous tray we both could not help but light up and giggle like little food gobbling monsters hahaha. We finally gave in and explored the wonders of what Yabu had to offer. One they had a comforting miso soup for starters, two a big bowl of shredded cabbage in which you could top it off with their excellent dressing which gives out an earthy, burnt, and fig like taste, pure perfection! The third item was a saucer with cucumber and whatnot (i didn’t touch it)hihi…and of course the main course!!! My perfectly cooked Rosu Curry Katsu, it was so good that I could have stayed their all day and ended up with a to go bag if only I wasn’t so full, to top of the magnificent celebration of flavors, the right amount of fruit (watermelon and pineapple) was served in this cutsie patootsie bowl.



Chab.by my foodie buddy as I have said had a rosu katsudon, she tried out their famous sesame sauce and her verdict?! oishii as well! YAY! Win Win for the both of us. By the end of the meal we were so happy and giggly again! I highly recommend this house of katsu! its definitely worth the squish (if you’re taking the trains; LRT/MRT) and the crazy traffic of Manila.


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