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For the love of Milk Tea


It is in these gloomy rainy days at home, where I can’t help but wish that I’d immediately teleport back to Manila. Oh ILOILO you disappoint me! From your odd weather to the lack of milk tea places…when have you become so mean and uncooperative? gone were the days where I’d giddily look forward to coming home…boohooo… Forgive my rambling and ranting (erase erase:p) let me introduce to you a new cutsie patootsie discovery c/o @myrahas. TEA TAP!!!


Tea Tap’s located in P. Guevarra in San Juan/ Greenhills (isn’t it obvious that I am crappy in Geography?:p) Anyways, I was actually surprised when we came in, normally milk tea places in manila are relatively small, but this charming new discovery was an exception, it had a large space with a number of tables similar to those of the coffee shops that people usually stay in to hang out or study. It was actually nice to stumble upon such a milk tea place which was inviting enough for students to spend their late nights burning midnight oil.




                                See what I mean? Isn’t it the cutest?:p


And I happily bring forth to you their extensive line up of all things TEA :) (*insert googly eyes here*) Pick your own happy poison need I say more?:p

The cups come with these adorable labels that somehow challenges you to take on the dare:p I had the Earl Grey Milk Tea since rarely do I see it in most of the milk tea places I go to, I opted not to have the Wintermelon, Hokkaido, and the Royal Milk Teas since usually these are the common flavors that most of Milk Tea joints have.


My verdict?! I’ll definitely go back to have some more!!! That is when I have the time and if I get to become a human being still (bracing myself for a tumultuous year ahead *yikes*)

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