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East meets West and South?

I’ve been eating out a lot lately, and its undeniable! its a money waterhole:(  But nevertheless no Regrets. After all its a Happy Kitty Happy Tummy (forgive my odd self).       


                                          YABU House of Katsu = <3


                                        Sunrise Buckets’ Wings = <3


On a side and completely unrelated note! I was sitting quietly and by my lonesome last Saturday in the church when two strangers (actually just one, the other one wasn’t a stranger at all she was CRAZY CUCOO hahaha) dropped by! @serenkath/ Lanelie and Joyce/ Choyce hahaha they were sweet enough to remind me that I should check my phone and joyce being the crazy person that she is laughed at me for being a ‘loner’ thanks friend! Anyways! they were sooooo sweet to get me a burrito (I ate it immediately for dinner, it was so good that I didn’t bother to take a photo because I ended up gobbling it all up:p thus the stolen photo from @serenkath). Thank you!!!! You saved me from yet another night of spam, wholewheat, and canned goods!hahaha…