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Dream situations from a mundane mind

1.       Eat lunch in an auditorium alone.

2.       Be locked up in a bookstore for a night

3.       Experience a wonderful picnic at a faraway place

4.       Have a bonfire with friends

5.       Eat dinner in the middle of the ocean on a full moon

6.       Write a book

7.       Leave that book on a shelf in a bookstore

8.       Book a trip spontaneously and leave immediately.

9.       Have a ‘yes’ day.

10.   Be committed to a vow of silence for a week.

Nolita, a food review

I’ve been missing out on a lot of adventures lately thanks to this whole internship thing (p.s. Im not really complaining, ok I am but just a bit :p). Hence I can’t help but daydream of being in NY this time of the year and grabbing pizza by the slice on a hot day. As a compromise I ended up simulating such  a dream at NOLITA.


Nolita is this no fuss pizza place at High street (extension) where you can enjoy having pizza by the slice and talking it out with friends. Its a place where you can enjoy a meal and lie low for a while. I can’t help but compare it to the pizza places that we go to in NY (Famous Ray’s), you order yourself a slice and they hand over your pizza on a paper plate, order some drinks such as a spiked lemonade/mojito if you had a long day *wink wink* or just good old pink lemonade to help brace yourself from the unbearable heat.


I ended up ordering Real Cheese, its plain white cheese oozing on the pizza’s thin and crisp crust is just heavenly and fattening :p. It was such a treat and frankly a good break from all the commercial pizza’s like sbarro, shakey’s, and yellow cab. If you want a pizza ala NY then this is your go to place. :) I’d give it 9 stars out of 10. (The prize of a pizza differs by flavor, this one costs around Php 130 and Pepperoni was at around Php 160).

Chez Karine, a food review

I’ve always had a soft spot for french cuisine (except for the escargots), hence the not so skinny me :p. I’d find myself placing butter on my biscuits and breads and overflowing milk or cream on my soup. Indulgence in short is always a necessity. So you could just imagine my delight and of course my .gif mode when I heard that Chez Karine opened at Serendra. The fact that their head patisserie/ owner was a Stanford educated and Le cordeun bleu trained chef  was undeniably impressive. I’ve tried the macarons from empire, bizu, felicia’s, and just recently chez karine, my verdict?….


The macarons that I had were earl grey, dark chocolate, and salted caramel, I ended up with the earl grey and dark chocolate as my favorites, the bitterness of the dark chocolate was notably present and the ganache was just about right. The earl grey macaron was such a delight to munch on, it was as if your drinking the tea itself, it had this distinct zesty flavor that i have always loved. The salted caramel on the other hand was disappointing for me, the shell was too hard and I was desperately trying to find the salty flavor in between bites but I ended up with none. Overall chez karine’s macarons are good but they are not the best. My love for french macarons still goes to EMPIRE. :p (1 macaron costs 50 each).


Its a good thing that I was such a super trooper and got this Horlick Malt Pudding, ok fine I had 2 bottles of pudding-__- (p.s. no judging!) I ended up eating all of these goodies by my lonesome at the cafe and it was quite funny seeing their staff   in disbelief that I’d finish all of these sweet treats though frankly I think they were turning their heads away from a person heading for diabetes at an early age (please please don’t I need my sugar-__-). Anyways, to further satisfy my sweet tooth I had to have the muscovado royal pudding as well. Oddly enough I liked the Malt pudding, it reminded me of those egg tart’s from lord’s stow, the sweet creamy yummy filling that screams french pastries at its best! :)) Another tip is that try not to mix the malt into the pudding and just eat it by scooping it you end up having a more happy tummy hahaha. 


The muscovado royal pudding was actually pretty good as well especially if your a fan of leche flan and its syrup. Since I was never big on the flan thing I didn’t really turn on a .gif mode compared to the malt one :p. A bottle of the pudding costs Php 100 and the fun part is that you can take the bottle home with you! YAY! :))) They also have pannacottas which Im dying to try the next time I visit :p


Overall I’d recommend chez karine for lazy sunday’s where you’d indulge yourself in such sweet treats. The staff are really nice and they actually help you out if your confused on what yummy pastry you’re ought to get. The cafe also has al fresco chairs and individual chairs inside. Be warned though its not so much of a hang out place since its quite small and it can get crowded a bit sometimes that’s why people usually get their orders to go. Come visit them soon at serendra :) I’d give it 8 out of 10 stars. Happy eating!