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Curiouskat Travels: A Photo Journal on Japan 2014

When I was little, I found joy in the most simplest of things,

from cute toilet knobs, to colored lamps that lit up the night’s perfect and mysterious beauty. I was thrilled with how the most beautiful streaks of light crept throughout the night from the most modest of shapes and figures.

As I wandered, with no clear direction, I found myself in and out of places both familiar and strange from the world I once knew about. I lived in fear and excitement for what the moment has to offer.

So I followed about, intoxicated with the idea that somewhere in the abyss a new world was about to unfold and change my entire being. I went in the nooks and corners, surprised to have found answers that I could not have fathom.

Still, I continued to search for answers and endure the uncertainties that they bring. Hoping that a search alone would suffice my restless soul.

There were times where I found myself exhausted and basked in my own skepticism. So I sat down, closed my eyes, looked around, and processed where I came from, where I have been, and where I want to go next. 

So I continued to walk and found friends along the way.

filled myself up with life’s simplest pleasures, reminding myself to create a lightness and to not too take life seriously often.

As I slowly felt my journey coming to a close, I found myself deep in Prayer. 

Asking for strength, courage, and wisdom in my current and future pursuits.

I laid my wishes and dreams on wooden blocks to remind myself to hold on, believe, and works toward the things that I believe in.

I left it with the thousand others, hoping that one day I can come back smiling, having accomplished them. 

Or that I come back sit beneath the flowers and have that resolute feeling that they were not supposed to happen.

Because maybe just maybe there was a different but far better story yet to be told.

Thoughts from a restless mind

I got lost yesterday, I found myself wandering around the streets of manila at night in the rain. It seems so picturesque right? A lonesome girl with her soaked jeans and peterpan collared self, wide eyed and puzzled on where should she start, turn, and walk to. Yet suddenly it dawned on me, i was a young 20 something in manila at night, alone. And it didnt seem a good plan after all.

It was all unplanned however as my primary means of transit decided to take a turn here and there thus providing me with an ultimatum to go down and explore a bit. It was there that i realized that my love for travel and traipsing along to whatever continental surface that Id come upon was undeniable, that it wasnt just a mere addiction to collecting those dated stamps that they give you when you arrive and leave their ports of entry and exit but that it was the excitement of uncertainty and mystique that these varied versions of wonderland promised where I found myself truly living .

Where characters and versions of myself that have been living in my mind alone come into fruition at some foreign place with acceptance and in the process it brings forth the most charged and invigorating splendor to the soul that one can experience in this lifetime.

A day in pictures
Chiang Mai, Thailand












If you could wake up one morning and do anything what would it be?—-TRAVEL! The thing with travelling is that your entire perspective of things take on a extreme shift, you view another culture differently, you get to appreciate and understand people more, and more importantly you let yourself take in a part of their own unique established world. Chiang Mai was full of surprises, its surround with multiple eccentricities and an undeniable spectrum of profound culture and colour! It was comforting to know that a place can take on change but at the same time remain true to what it has initially founded.

(Photo’s taken with my Point and Shoot Pentax RZ10 and not with some fancy shmancy overrated DSLR that everyone seems to wrap around their superfluous and pretentious neck; seriously the status quo thing needs to stop p.s. sorry for the rant)