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You left me hanging onto nothing.
I never was, never will be.
Of faults and truths on how we align our stars


Truth or truth? Real or real? 

Often we find ourselves asking questions we already know the answers to. But do we really believe them? The dilemma with such does not lie on the answers that we seek rather what troubles us is which truth would we end up adhering to.

I’ve always been perplexed on how the human mind works, on how at a certain point it would callously bring us to the brink of truth and its cruelty whereby setting forth a chain of unfortunate events; of self-doubts, what could’ve beens, and the never will be’s. And on how at the polar opposite of such it would artifice us with what we want to believe, deceiving us with thoughts and false promises of taking the road less travelled— albeit further augmenting our delusions of not necessarily repairing our mistakes but rather affording us of new beginnings or what should have beens. 

So the next time we pursue a quest for answers to questions we think we already know about. Maybe just maybe we should stop ourselves, clear our heads, and save ourselves from all the deceitful temperaments and prejudices, because if there’s a few things that I’ve learned from being a young wide eyed 21 year old its that sometimes, I picked my truths and that’s where all faults started.

(P.S. Photo is not mine)

Forever and Always, words eternally misleading.
What If— two words, countless possibilities. 

(photo from bansky)